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Trip to the Whitney in NYC

A couple of days ago the IMAP Intermedia Studies class took a field trip to the Whitney Museum in New York City. It was a beautiful day to go see beautiful installations.

There were two Polaroids on display at the museum by Mark Morrisroe. As soon as I saw it I couldn’t stop looking at it. Firstly, it was the first piece I saw that was overtly homoerotic and sexualized – a handsome, lean man exposing his pubes suggesting his nudity.

Mark Morrisroe is from the Boston area. He’d run away from home at young age and become a hustler and eventually getting shot in the back and nearly paralyzed. He would also be a drag performer in his life under the pseudonym “Sweet Raspberry.” He eventually found his medium in photography – specifically Polaroid photography.

He also made short films that were allegedly inspired by John Waters’ work.

The style of filmmaking is very similar to George Kuchar’sAscension of the Demonoids.

You can read my full reaction here.

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