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Rolando Nieves

Filmmaker • Podcaster • Producer


About Me

I am a filmmaker turned content marketer who helps small businesses and organizations share their stories visually and authentically.

Before becoming a freelance producer, I worked for over seven years as a senior producer and post-production supervisor for production companies. After a successful career creating content for pharmaceuticals and hospitals with national brand recognition I've turned my attention to entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

Some of my hobbies include Dungeons & Dragons, cooking and since quarantine, working out..

I'm available for your video productions and marketing needs. Feel free to reach out.


Experienced filmmaker who explores the human experience.

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Skilled storyteller to help you tell your brand's story.

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Listen to me on Remakes, Reboots & Revivals.


Join my trivia game as I host Bumbo Trivia.

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Rolando Nieves Media

Rolando Nieves Media

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